Buró detectives privados

Detectives and investigators agency

in Murcia and the East of Spain.


Buró detectives privados

We are an agency

made up of qualified personnel.

With access to the latest technologies and applicable techniques in the field of private investigation.

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We obtain the best results while we guarantee confidentiality and discretion in our actions

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We adapt to new times. The essence of investigation carried out with the latest technologies

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Over 25 years' experience in the field of security allow us to guarantee the best service and quality to our customers

Buró detectives privados

Meet our


Our agency is composed of private detectives, graduates and qualified by the Ministry of the Interior.

Buró detectives privados

Labour investigation

We protect the interests of your company fighting against fraud, disloyal behaviour and controlling workers and executives.

  • Pre-employment report
  • Breach of contract
  • Unfair competition
  • Work absenteeism

Buró detectives privados

Family and private clients

Surveillance of behaviours that damage family unit and cohabitation

  • Marital infidelity
  • Antisocial behaviour
  • Investigation of minors
  • Custody of minors
  • Drug addiction investigation

Buró detectives privados


We protect your company providing the following services

  • Internal and external controls
  • Industrial sabotage investigation
  • Solvency reports
  • Internal theft investigations
  • Concealment of property investigations
  • Patents and brands
  • Fleet control

Buró detectives privados

Insurance companies

Our services aim to detect and supply documentary evidence of fraud committed by the insured

  • Detection and surveillance of feigned sick leave and disability
  • Investigation of accidents
  • Physical or mental disability degree control
  • Pre-contract risk investigation

Buró detectives privados

Expert report

Our experts will advise you on different matters

  • Handwriting expert report
  • Computer forensics and experts

Buró detectives privados


Our team is qualified to offer special services of ununiformed surveillance

  • Security advice
  • Installation of hidden cameras
  • Ununiformed surveillance in fairs, conferences, hotels, exhibitions, big shopping centres or similar places
  • Counter surveillance

Buró detectives privados

Other services

We cover other fields within private investigation

  • Occupational reports
  • Mystery Shopper (quality and service control)
  • Locating people

Buró detectives privados

External services

In collaboration with:

Buró detectives privados

Our team

The Buró Detectives team

With access to the latest technologies and applicable techniques in the field of private investigation.

Buró detectives privados

Our agency is made up of private detectives, qualified and accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Interior, criminologists, jurists, experts in different fields and security specialists, all of them highly specialised and with access to the latest available technology. Our team has been awarded several honourable mentions by the Spanish Police General Directorate for our services provided to the society.

“Veritas liberabit vos” - “The truth shall set you free”

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